Oh hey! That's me!

I am an illustrative photographer in Oklahoma where I was born and raised. I live in the heart of OKC with my four dogs - Boston, Marshall, Piper, and Hippo. The most important things to know about me are: I love people earnestly, I approach my work with professionalism and zest, and I make every effort to be a source of positive energy.

I am a third-generation wedding photographer - My Grandfather was Gordon Dinsmore, you can find his little gold logo on thousands of wedding portraits around the world. I was just 19 years old when I started there, and eager to buck all tradition that the studio still held onto. I immersed myself in finding this perfect blend of honoring his legacy, while still holding true to the candid, outgoing artist that I was (and still am). Since that first wedding of mine in 2006, I am grateful to have been an important part of 600+ weddings.

My photographs are best known for their authentically joyful feeling, genuine moments, and classic portraits that are curated in a clear & vibrant style. It’s something I hope my couples will cherish from the moment they see them until their 50th anniversary.

It’s not just about taking the best photos—it’s also about how I make my couples feel. It is so important that every single one of my clients feels beautiful, radiant, and confident.

The photos of mine I am most proud of are those that have that little bit of something you can almost feel when looking at them. It's a combination of realness, spontaneity, direction… and a few corny dad-jokes.

Real Reviews

Maria & Chance

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"Ashley is by far the best wedding photographer! She’s amazing, and her pictures are incredible! She’s very professional, but also makes your experience enjoyable. She did my bridal portraits, and our engagement and wedding pictures. We couldn’t be happier with how all our photos turned out, and couldn’t have asked for a better experience! We would highly recommend!"

1 / 3