Your new family heirloom

Wedding albums hold a special place for me.

I grew up prancing around my Grandpa’s photography studio, always eager to look at the most recent brides. I would sit down in a 1970’s mustard gold, dusty chair in the corner with an album that was twice my weight - seriously, those things were massive - and thumb through every colossal page. I admired the delicate dresses and imagined how delicious that cake was. Wedding albums were the only way that photos were shared with family and friends. They settled right into their home on the coffee table, perhaps eventually put away to a bookshelf for more safe-keeping, but would always be nearby for anniversaries, holidays, and get-togethers.

Not much has changed - except everything. Photos are hardly bound into books anymore… they just stay on USB drives only to be discovered a few years later that it was lost (or corrupted), and with that, all of those memories. Or kept on the Cloud, only to be accidentally deleted years later when you’re trying to free up space. Wedding albums you can hold in your hands… can you hold a Cloud? Nope. Sure can’t.

I also believe it is the best way to tell your wedding day story. A million little moments and details make up this entire day - two never-before worn wedding bands, your grandmother’s handkerchief around your bouquet, the moment your Mom takes your hand after tucking in your veil, your flower girl dumping her entire basket of petals before she takes off running down the aisle, or maybe even your maid of honor doing the worm on the dance floor - What do these have in common?

They don’t make it on the wall. And by that I mean, they will never be the few images that you print off and frame. Wall space always ends up reserved for portraits and perhaps a few family formals - trust me.

A wedding album has a hand-picked spot for all of these meaningful moments, put into something to feel, hold, and pass on for generations.♡

These books have come a long way since I was trolling the halls of Gordon Dinsmore studio - thankfully. While a professional album is still heavy and substantial, the days of thick, sticky mats are over. Albums are personally designed then printed onto silky smooth, matte photographic paper. The fine art paper that is used has an archival longevity of over a hundred years. This alone should be enough to convince you that you shouldn’t make your own wedding album. These pages are mounted onto a sturdy boarding, bound together to lay flat yet seamless, and wrapped in your choice of material. From the Italian leather cover, durable pages, and flawless print- there is no comparing a Fine Art Album to something you can buy on shutterfly.

The Fine Art Albums that I offer are printed on a silky smooth, deep matte paper. It has an archival quality of over 100 years, two hundred years when kept in dry storage. These delicate pages are then mounted onto thick, sturdy boards to help prevent ripping, tearing, and keeping them in tip-top shape. Choose from a variety of cover materials & colors - genuine Italian leather, luxurious velvet, and silky suede - as well as different image cameos, imprinting, and more. Your album is truly customized to your vision.